Things I Wish Were Easier on a Mac

  1. A dedicated button to maximize the window to fill the screen but leave the menu bar visible. Workaround is Shift+Alt and click the green circle.
  2. One-button press to go to the beginning or end of of a line.Workaround is Cmd + Left/Right button.
  3. Automatically reorganize icons after new items have been dragged in. Prevent icons from being misaligned from the confines of rows and columns. What good are overlapped icons and misaligned icons?
  4. Not force update notifications that are hard to turn off. Notifications should always have X button to dismiss them. Not having it is obtrusive and arrogant; users should always have options.
  5. One-button deletion of highlighted items. Workaround is Cmd+Delete,
  6. A way to start Chrome in incognito mode without having to open a non-incognito window first.
  7. A quick way to copy the path in Finder. Showing full path would allow me to copy any parts of that path. Workaround is right click > Get Info > Copy contents of “Where:”
  8. An easy way to create a new document of a common format (e.g. docx, txt). Workaround is to open the app that can handle such formats.
  9. Don’t prompt for 60 seconds on restart/shutdown. Workaround is to hold Alt before clicking restart/shutdown.
  10. Spacebar preview does not jump to the next row of items when the last item in the row has been previewed. Workaround is to click on the first item in the desired row and press spacebar again.
  11. One-button press to go into a folder. This is such an elementary action that it should have a one-button solution; the number one thing a user wants to do with a folder is to enter it. Workaround is Cmd + Up/Down.
  12. Command key should be on the bottom-left corner in place of the Control key since Command is used in combination with other keys to perform very popular actions like copy, paste, save, and select all. Why should the Command key be surrounded on top by A, S, C, and V as to make it more awkward to press them in combination?
  13. No native Cut option in context menu. Workarounds: